So you watched the Vietnam top gear challenge and laughed your head off and then thought is it actually possible?

Well there’s only one way to find out …… CHALLENGE!

Pack up your finest paisley shirt and best waistcoat and join us in South East Asia for a 2 wheeled adventure much the same as Jezza, Hamster and Captain slow did.

Enjoy the real sights of Vietnam. Take in the heights of the Hai Van Pass and see the historical woes that the war left behind. Sample Vietnam’s many local beers and very odd street food. Have a lot of fun and make a little bit of difference to our supported charity at the end.

What could possibly go wrong?!?!

In 2014 we did the ‘traditional’ costal run like the BBC did – up Highway 1 with fantastic views, but heavy traffic in places…

In 2015 we became real “explorers” on the Ho Chi Minh trail… (and as there are no definitive routes for ‘The Trail’ we did the best we could!).

Both routes converged and overlaped a bit, but with defined ‘start & end points’ that was always going to happen.

Now taking registrations for next years 2016 run. Sign Up Cost £50 (for a limited time/number of registrations.)

Leaving APRIL 2016 – click the link below to go straight to the Laos section

2014 group 20 strong.

2015 group 7 strong.

Route maps and photos can be found from the links below :)


Laos 2016 – who knows where we’ll start and finish!!!!

……but here are the last 2 trips we did…..

Vietnam 2014 – Saigon-Hanoi Coastal Route

Vietnam 2015 – Hanoi-Saigon Ho Chi Minh Trail








When you’re ready……

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