Okay, so there were options….


Click on the map to open it fully in Google Maps

– you can’t edit it, but you can download/copy/ it etc.





The ‘main’ part of the rally started in Sihanoukville, and ended up in the same town some 10 days later… from there, those of us who completed the route travelled up to Phnom Penh and met up with the few who cut short the ride due to various issues on the last couple of days, for the Songkram (New Year) festivities, and flights to Bangkok.


As well as the main map, I have exported the whole thing (and also the individual riding days) into .KMZ files…

… for those who know about these things, help yourself! – for those who don’t, then these are the files which are used by many SatNav machines, Apps etc etc – and if you have Google Earth on your phone, PC, Mac etc then these files will load straight in for you (they are zipped files due to security limitations on our web host which doesn’t allow .KMZ files, so *may* need to be unzipped first unless your computer automatically does it for you)…..


Idiots guide to using .kmz files in a SatNav app on your phone:-

(1) – You will need a suitable App on your phone! Bear in mind that the file(s) will open quite happily in Google Earth, but that App relies on an internet connection to function as a SatNav. I would suggest using a nice (free!) App called “Maps.me” which can be downloaded from Google Play here, or iStore here.

(2) – Open the “Maps.me” App and it will give you the option to download a geographical map to your device – choose “Cambodia” (obviously!) and it will download the base map – simples!

(3) – Click the relevant link(s) below in green script. It will give you an option to open or save the link. If you are on a PC, then ‘Save’ the file(s) into a suitable folder on the computer (they *should* automatically unzip themselves, but if they don’t, then just click on the .zip file(s) and ‘Save As’ in the computer) – then email the file to yourself at an account which you have access to on your phone, or save it in Google Drive/iCloud/Dropbox or any other cloud storage facility that you have access to (or as a file on the hard Drive/SD Card) on the phone. Open the file location on the phone and click the link – it will just ask what App you want to use to open the file – click “Maps.me” and check the box for “Always use this App”.

(4) – If you are just accessing the link from your phone, it is even easier – it will just ask what App you want to use to open the file – click “Maps.me” and check the box for “Always use this App”.

(5) – Thats all folks! It is now a fully-functioning SatNav which will work offline.


The green script links lead to the .KMZ files,

and the picture links lead to Google Maps – Simples!


Cambodia 2017 – complete map as .kmz file



day 1 – Monday 3rd April – 185 Km





day 2 – Tuesday 4th April – 75 Km





day 3 – Wednesday 5th April – 165 Km





day 4 – Thursday 6th April – 150 Km





day 7 – Sunday 9th April – 173 Km





day 8 – Monday 10th April – 131 Km





day 9 – Tuesday 11th April – 168 Km





day 10 – Wednesday 12th April – 176 Km