The Top Gear Vietnam challenge Moped Rally is TOTALLY UN-SUPPORTED.

What this means:
1. There will be NO back-up trucks or mechanics or any other assistance to The Participants in the event of break-down, accident or other mishap or occurrence.
2. There will be NO formal arrangements with any of the countries en-route for special circumstances for entry or exit – The Participants are normal Tourists in each country.
3. There will be NO arrangements made for medical assistance in the case of illness, accident or any other occurrence. Teams WILL, require their own travel insurance.
4. There will be NO arrangements for any kind of assistance whatsoever in the event that any of The Participants become stranded at any stage of The Challenge without the means either financially or physically to continue their journey or reach a point of safety.
It must be clearly understood that travelling through South-East Asia can be dangerous. The Participants must make this journey accepting that there is a high risk of personal injury and financial loss.

It is each Entrant’s responsibility to ensure that they are in compliance with all legal requirements in each country through which they will be travelling. This will include (but not be limited to):
1. The roadworthy condition of their vehicle.
2. Adherence to local laws and regulations pertaining to the use of a motor vehicle and the use of public highways.
3. Adherence to local laws and regulations pertaining to the use of drugs and alcohol.
4. Compliance with the terms of entry to and exit from the various countries en route.
Top Gear Challenge Moped Rally is NOT a race or otherwise competitive event. There are no time trials included within the suggested route and none are encouraged. There are no prizes or recognition for being first at any of the suggested stop-over points or the final destination. Racing on public highways is an offence in most countries and those found guilty by local law enforcement agencies will be dealt with according to local laws.

Top Gear Challenge Moped Rally is an information service designed to help site visitors obtain information and guidance on a road trip to South-East Asia. The contents of this website are intended for general information purposes only and are not to be treated as formal advice for any specific set of facts or circumstances. Suitably qualified advice should be sought before booking any holiday to ‘The Region’ or relying on the information provided. We at / Top Gear Challenge Moped Rally will not be held responsible for any undue circumstances which may be derived as a consequence of using this website…. To make it absolutely clear, by signing up to this website (otherwise known as ‘registering’) you are merely purchasing the right to view detailed information on the dates and route decided upon by the owner and website operator of This will include access to as detailed a map as we can provide, along with access to a forum which can be used to communicate between parties interested in the event. Although the owner / operator may well be taking part in the planned journey, they are in no way to be considered to be a ‘tour organiser’/’leader’/’responsible person’ or anything else which suggests that they are in any way responsible for you before, during or after the trip – basically, although people may well be travelling as part of a group – you’re on your own.

Although we believe our content sources to be reliable, the information on this website is provided without responsibility for accuracy and some of the information may represent opinions or judgements.

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For the avoidance of doubt, we at / Top Gear Challenge Moped Rally take no responsibility for the content of the “top gear challenge facebook , forum , website or any other written format”, which can be joined through / Top Gear Challenge Moped Rally .This forum has been provided as a medium to share thoughts, ideas, suggestions and comments. The opinions and judgements expressed in this newsgroup are not necessarily shared by us at / Top Gear Challenge Moped Rally If you provide your contact details to us with a view to becoming a member of this newsgroup you accept that it is your responsibility to monitor the content of the emails and to seek suitably qualified advice if you intend to rely on any matter raised therein. If, having joined the forum, you no longer wish to be a member, please contact the moderator of the newsgroup at

Payment on the entry fee detailed on this website is the consideration to release the more specific details of the route of the event. Our acceptance of payment from you, the site visitor, in no way creates a duty of care between us. If you decide to undertake the road trip to South-East Asia detailed on this site (and in the further information provided following payment of the entry fee) you do so at your own risk. We at / Top Gear Challenge Moped Rally take no responsibility for you if you undertake the road trip to  ‘The Region’ detailed on this website and furthermore we do not guarantee that the route suggested is achievable, safe or without risk. You should satisfy yourself before departure that you are aware of the implications of undertaking a trip of this nature and that you are fully and adequately prepared for all eventualities.

In particular, we offer no ‘guarantee’ on the roadworthiness of any vehicles purchased (although we will try to help you obtain a serviceable one), and any breakdowns are for you to sort out – past experience has shown that everyone in Vietnam claims to be a mechanic, and that every house will have sufficient knowledge/tools for ‘simple’ repairs (punctures etc), and that there are repair facilities in most towns/villages with common parts (or enough to get you to the next town)….

The ‘roads’ used are somewhat less than those expected in the Western world, and can vary between tarmacked highways, compacted gravel, mud, loose sand and swamp – they are suitable for travel by most confident riders, but the odd tumble is par for the course.

Injuries are possible (even for experienced/well trained riders), but should be mostly restricted to scrapes and grazes. Anything more is a possibility, and participants travel in the full knowledge that serious injury may occur – this is NOT the fault of the organisers at and full regard should be taken to wearing suitable protective clothing and having adequate Medical Insurance (or private means) to cover all eventualities.

“We” would suggest reading the small-print of your travel insurance to ensure that “You” are adequately covered – if your Insurance Policy restricts motorcycle use in the schedule, keep within the restrictions, or get different cover to suit your needs/requirements.

Riding in flip-flops and shorts may be comfortable for you, but “We” recommend a good (UK Spec) crash helmet, boots, padded shirt/trousers and knee/elbow protection as a minimum…. and even then, you may break a leg.

Finally, we at / Top Gear Challenge Moped Rally take no responsibility for the fact that, if you undertake the road trip to South-East Asia detailed on this website your friends, family and the rest of society may subject you to the titles of “weird”, “crazy”, “irresponsible”, “lost”, “nuts” or “odd.”. We also take no responsibility for the feelings of discomfort that you may be subjected to as a result of this classification. Our only offer of reassurance is that, in our experience, on the road, and in the presence of other like minded soul-seekers, nothing (and I mean nothing) will ever feel so right or so good.

Also, please remember that not many good stories down the pub start with the words “We were on a package holiday in Blackpool………”     but     starting with “When we got lost in the Central Highlands and my bike needed mending…..” will be likely to get you a much better audience.